A Solid-State Lighting Company

Green Rock Lighting is a Cleveland manufacturer of innovative LED lighting fixtures. Our focus is to accelerate the adoption of LED into everyday life-into our homes, offices, factories, and cities. We do not import foreign product for distribution, nor do we assemble imported products to claim U.S. origin. In fact, Green Rock Lighting is poised to become a major exporter of Cleveland-manufactured high-value goods to the world.

We offer a LED alternative to reduce operating costs (energy and maintenance), address environmental concerns (no mercury), and increase safety and comfort of public spaces through improved illumination and better color quality—all without sacrificing aesthetic or utility performance.  Finally, we offer our LED products at a price that everyone can afford.

At Green Rock Lighting, we love to make great products! We are not only  interested in job creation, we are building an industry within our city.

Green Rock Lighting: powering a new path.