Indoor Lighting

Indoor lighting is classified by intended use as general, localized, or task lighting, depending largely on the distribution of the light produced by the fixture.  Green Rock Lighting continues to develop Indoor lighting fixtures (in LED versions) that deliver the right light for the user’s specific application.  Indoor lighting applications tend to fall into three categories, Task Lighting, Accent Lighting and General Lighting.  Task Lighting is mainly functional and usually the most concentrated.  Accent Lighting is mainly decorative and intended to highlight pictures, plants or other elements of interior design.  General indoor lighting fills in between the two and is intended for general illumination.  Green Rock Lighting offers a wide range of fixtures and mounting configurations with LED light source that meet these lighting needs in forms that are energy efficient and esthetically pleasing.  Green Rock Fixtures and LED light sources  are manufactured to the highest degree of quality and efficiency that enables us  to deliver superior performance and lower total overall costs of operation and maintenance when compared to other Light sources types.


We Offer: Design Reflectors, Surface Mount, Wall, Canopy and Garage Luminaries

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